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Lean & Kaizen

Upkaizen provides problem solving techniques to detect waste and sustain the organization’s Continuous Improvement philosophy.

We support your organization in achieving the feasible level of efficiency possible. We take care of converting materials, labor and resources into goods and services in the most efficient way, for the maximum benefit to your organization. We try to balance costs with revenue to achieve the highest possible net operating income.

We utilize a variety of problem solving techniques to eliminate wastes or “mudas” throughout the supply chain, define countermeasures, set standards, and implement action plans to sustain the organization’s Continuous Improvement philosophy.

Our goal is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the companies’ services level and optimize the use of resources (labor, material, environment, time, expenses, energy, etc.) contributing to business’ sustainability.

At Upkaizen, we use a combination of World Class Manufacturing tools for Continuous Improvement.

  • Lean Management
  • Kaizen
  • Six Sigma
  • Leadership
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