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Core Values

How We Pursue Perfection .


We are honest people


We balance work and personal life


We improve at any step


We build trust among our stakeholders


We respect diversity


We persevere with our commitments

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Our History .

Upkaizen is a young digital company, founded in 2018, after its founder has worked for more than 20 years in different parts of the world: for a chinese manufacturing company, or an agribusiness company in New Zealand, did projects on continuous improvement in Hungary, supply chain in Latin America, or a warehousing in Canada, to name a few examples.

Initially, Upkaizen focused on providing consulting services in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management to its clients located in the EU. Subsequently, Upkaizen has expanded its services to clients in both Americas and other parts of the world.

Today, in addition to management consulting services, Upkaizen offers digital educational content related to operational management, supply chain management and continuous improvement for individual and corporate clients.

Our Advantages .

Having worked in a wide range of industries and in different parts of the world, we fully understand the specific nuances of our global clients and are able to offer high-quality sourcing solutions.

We are a global team of industry consultants and have experienced the challenges of managing the operational areas of organizations. We can communicate in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Filipino and Lithuanian. And today we want to help you make the operational management of your business easier and more efficient.

Upkaizen’s proposal is simple and flexible. It has been designed to offer digital consulting services, providing personalized solutions no matter where you are.

Upkaizen agency is top rated on Upwork (4.9 stars) with more than 50 global projects related to Industrial Engineering, Lean, Operations & Supply Chain.

Our online school is top rated on Udemy (4.5 stars) with more than 10,000 students choosing our trainings and tutorials.

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